L'Histoire de BisouCouleur

 "Il n’est rien de réel que le rêve et l’amour.”

– Anna de Noailles

The chronicle of BisouCouleur began in 2016 with a French voyage that redefined the lives of a group of aspiring style aficionados. This expedition was the culmination of decades of obsession and admiration for French aesthetic and high culture. Traversing the country from the vineyards of Bordeaux and epicurean nirvana to the catwalks of Paris, they learned the true meaning of what the Italians would term ‘La Dolce Vita’. Being immersed in the blend of romantic charm and stylish hedonism that encapsulates the French lifestyle, they conceived a vision to permeate this quixotic way of living.
BisouCouleur is the émulation of that vision. Encapsulating a timeless, minimalistic style applied to contemporary culture, the once fabled idea of ‘la belle vie’ is now a reality.